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   Story is the first charitable social media platform allowing anyone to share a 60s story about someone who could use, or who is deserving of a financial boost. For whatever reason possible. Here we discuss STORY Token Price Prediction.

Who tells the stories?

Storytellers. Regular Joe's and Jane's, Influencers, Charity organizations, Corporations. Storytellers are the content creators. They may upload only a single story to help someone in particular, or they may become a true storyteller channel and create an unlimited number of stories. Story is a place where influencers to give back to their following, without having to 'break character!

Who pays for funding?

$STORY is a utility token in that the token is used to fund stories. Both advertisers as regular Story App users can purchase the tokens. However, what they get in return will be different for both types of buyers.

STORY Token Information

Total Supply: 1000,000,000
Story launched on a decentralized exchange (DEX). This is a third party entity responsible for the security and transfer of our assets, yet they are not part of the chain. The power is completely placed in the hands of the users.

The scaling of the software application creates a system that allows for authentication, database and accounts recording. Therefore there is an elimination of user feesm fraud and theft. Story runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is currently listed on a BSC DEX exchange called Pancakeswap.

Main App Features

Earn $STORY: Earn tokens by engaging with the app. Watch, comment, like, share and upload stories to earn real money, which you can donate to the stories you prefer. You are also able to tip the storytellers up to 10% of the amount you have


Earn Tips: Storytellers can earn tips from the users. This is to motivate people in becoming a storyteller and to incentive good behavior.

Progress bar funding: Every story will have a requested dollar amount attached to it. To visualize how far along a story is, we'll be adding progress bars.

Follow-up after funding: Something mostly missing in other charity efforts is the follow up. This is such a crucial part of the process. When users see the actual effect their donation had on a person they will be much more motivated to do more. We will provide a page to celebrate funded stories.

Filter Languages: Until we have figured out a way to automatically subtitle all stories, we will add a language filter function.

Doxxed Receiver: Every story will have shown an icon leading to a social media platform of the person receiving the funds Is this is missing it is unto the community.


Company X would like to advertise on Story, while donating 80% of the cost.

80% will be made available within the app and distributed to the users who earned the tokens, simply by using the app.

The value of the donation/ the dollar amount user receives is not that important to them. The amount of eyes on ""Company X funded your earned $STORY" is what is important (=impressions).

20% will part remain in liquidity and part be used for advertising and to cover the cost of running the platform.

Remember, 1 $STORY is equal to a set of impressions. No matter if the price goes up or down, the number of impressions will remain the same. This creates a situation where early adopters have an advantage over their competitors who might have bought $STORY at a more expensive price.

The token has true value (impressions), fully independent of its price.

Story Vs Crowdfunding

 In recent years, the growth of charity platforms has made it possible for users with internet access to provide direct help to those in need of emergency financial assistance. Thus, through these stes, people can raise money for various events in their lives, happy (a wedáng etc.) or less happy (accidents, illness, needs, etc.) (Zhang, Lyu, & Luo, 2020).

Crowdfunding is not a new concept, currently being more accessible and widespread GoFundMe campaigns are fundraising initiatives for specific causes, distinguishing them from other crowdsourcing sites that seek funding for a project, company or omic project GoFundMe covers a wide range of causes, with medical campaigns representing the largest category and a third of all money raised on the site in 2017. The company takes 30 cents per donation, along with a transaction fee of 2.9% (Klein & Tran 2020).

STORY Token Price Prediction

The current price of the STORY token is $0.00192169. Hope it gives good returns in the future.