Travel Industry Accepted Most Crypto Payment

 From 2019 cryptocurrency covered the whole world like a sheet. Day by day it goes trending. Many companies like Overstock, Paypal, Starbucks accepted cryptocurrency as a payment method. But currently, crypto assets are mostly used in the travel industry.

Best cryptocurrency payment gateway

Basically, cryptocurrency gateways offer users to convert digital assets for instant crypto to fiat exchange. In the future, anything in this world can be purchased with crypto tokens. These are some best cryptocurrency payment gateway that accepts cryptocurrency payments:
  • Coinbase: Available in more than 100 countries.
  • Coingate: Supports more than 70 cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitpay: Available in more than 40 languages. Amazon, Master Card, Delta support BitPay.
  • Spicepay: Make instant and secure crypto payments using BTC, LTC, ETH, and BCH.

Travel Industry Accepted Most Crypto Payment

The travel industry as well as fast-food businesses use crypto as payment. Tuesday when a research result was released the news get viral. There is no doubt that crypto payments gateways are faster, secure, and user-friendly. 
The adoption studies say the travel industry is the first industry in the world for accepting crypto as a payment gateway with 11.5% of companies in the sector. E-Commerce is in the second position with 11.06% and charities are third with 9.13%.

Especially Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tron are commonly used for online crypto transactions. However, some companies also make their own cryptocurrency coin to accept payments. As per research food chains including Burger King and other institutions, sports teams are the early adopters of cryptocurrencies.
In current world travel sector has huge demand, the entire industry growing day by day. The much growing means much payment using cryptocurrency gateways.